This is not like the typical online class, this is a workshop. In this 2 hour online workshop, you will get an SEO report including good keywords for your niche, learn the secrets to optimizing for SEO, and make the updates to your site in class with Tiff to guide you.


Workshop Details
SEO is a 2-hour online working workshop

Tiff Willson Entrepreneur Class


Tiff will provide the following before the workshop

  1. SEO audit for your site. Every student who is accepted into this class will receive a brief SEO audit from Tiff. ($500 value)
  2. 10 valuable keywords that will benefit your site to rank for to improve traffic and search appearance. ($300 value)

This is a working style workshop, meaning you come ready to make the SEO improvements on your site in class and create a content strategy for the keyword recommendations. Tiff will be there to teach you the material before making the changes and to ask questions – and of course, help you if you get stuck.


You have a business with a website that has been live for at least 2 weeks. You are motivated to learn the best practices for SEO and improve your organic sustainable traffic,  as well as, accountability partners to keep you on track.


Tiff is the CEO and co-founder of the #1 design network, Tiff build Roomhints to over 1 Million mobile users and traffic over 5 million on with less than $5000 spend on paid advertising. Tiff utilized her understanding of how search engines work, in addition to how people search, to harness massive amounts of traffic to Roomhints. Today has helped over 1 million customers to design their home or office.

Tiff Willson has been building businesses since the age of 8. With a master’s in design from Parsons, The Newschool, and a computer science degree from UC Berkeley, Tiff Willson has a unique skill set to understand how to design and build businesses that scale.

Tiff has been featured in the New York Times,, WeWork Creator, Mashable, and more.

“I believe the best education you can get to be a successful entrepreneur is to learn by doing – taking action!” Tiff Willson

** I fully stand behind this program. If at any point you are not satisfied, I will refund 100% of your money.

*** For everyone to get the most value out of this workshop, we limit it to a set number of people. Please apply below if you are interested. Thanks!


SEO Workshop Outline

This workshop is an online, Zoom 2-hour workshop. 

4:00 – Intro: Overview of SEO. What is it? Why is it important? (20 minutes)

Learn what SEO is and why it is important for your site. Understand best practices to think about SEO for your industry and content. 



4:20 – Questions & Interactive (20 minutes) 

In Week 2 you will:Define your mission statement.

Discuss the Key Component of a Tagline

Homework: Clearly define your story and your tagline.

4:40 – SEO & Understanding Your Site SEO Report & Setting a Strategy (20 minutes) 

In this class we will build the layout for your idea online. Learn how to draw wireframes using software such as, Balsamic or Invision. 

Homework: Create wireframes for your online product/business/service

5:00 – Stretch Break (5 Minutes) 

Stretch break. Shake it up before we get back into it. 

5:05 – Questions based on your personal site report (20 minutes)

Best strategies to build your business using online tools such as, Shopify, WordPress, or hiring developers.

Homework: Build and launch either a prototype or a full site that would be ready for testing. 

5:25 – Keywords & Competitors (10 minutes)

Tiff will develop a keyword report for your site and 10 keywords that are good to target for your site.

In this section, take a look at the keywords your site is currently ranking for and understand what keywords your competitors rank for that are delivering high traffic. 

Develop a content strategy for the high value keywords for your site to go after going forward.

5:45 – Questions on Keywords for Your Site & Competitors (30 minutes)

Ask Tiff all the questions you have about keywords and competitors. Really understand why keywords are so extremely valuable and how you can take the list that Tiff has compiled for your site to better garner traffic.

Price: $529

** If you are interested in this course please apply below. Thanks!



I am a firm believer that getting the proper advice and tools can save a tremendous amount of time in the long run. Tiff is so incredible passionate about building businesses – she gave me some invaluable insight on how to think about my idea and launch it for success. Thank you!

-Ann Smith

Business Launched: She’s Independent

Tiff’s Launch course was amazing. It helped me to actually get this business that I had been thinking about for 5 years off the ground. I learned the right way to market the business, channels to market it to and the right technology tools to build it. Highly recommend.

– Natalie Levy