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TIFF WILLSON is a startup entrepreneur spending time between Denver, San Francisco and New York. After founding her first business at the age of 8, she has been an entrepreneur ever since.

Tiff has a unique ability to combine her technical, scientific, and artistic skills to build products that scale. She is known for being a creative technical innovator within the startup and design worlds. Using her multifaceted talents, she co-founded and bootstrapped Roomhints in 2013 to over 1 million users with little spend on marketing dollars. Today Roomhints, is the #1 remodeling marketplace connecting you to sustainable design. In 2020, Tiff launched Bow to the Bee, a 100% sustainable jewelry company to support the bees.


Education and Publications

Tiff has an undergraduate degree in biology from Queens University (Canada), a master’s degree in Interior Design from Parsons The New School (New York), and a full stack development degree from UC Berkeley (California.)

Impressively, Tiff’s work has been featured in the; New York Times, Today.com, WeWork Creator, Fast Company, Mashable, The Read and Fox News

TiffW Consulting

Tiff Willson is a technical marketer helping clients to improve their traffic and revenue via online and digital strategies.

To learn more book a live consultations on tiffw.com.


Outside Passions

I am a big advocate of giving back to our planet and inspiring the next generation. In 2020, I founded Bow to the Bee, a jewelry company bringing awareness and support for the declining bee population. In addition, I am an active member of the Stanford Women in STEM, where I mentor two Stanford girls to help navigate their professional career and am a volunteer with Women Who Code.

When I am not working you can find me rock climbing, at a yoga class, running, skiing or Dj’ing!


Fun facts about Tiff:


  • Tiff bought Bitcoin at $400
  • Tiff was one of the first users of Ebay. At age 13, she loved the idea that people would pay real money for items from her home. She scoured her house for items that were selling fast. She even sold her brother’s bath mat!
  • Founder largest female founders group on Meetup.com 
  • Tiff taught herself to code at age 16 and took her mother’s business online Gayle Force Core Fitness.
  • Tiff cofounded her first technology startup when she was at Queens University. The business, PINCH, sold costume jewelry at trade shows and online. Tiff later sold her share of the company.
  • When Tiff lived in New York, she was a licensed New York real estate broker and upsold Tyra Banks from a 3,000 square foot office lease to closing on a 30,000 square foot one!
  • Tiff is an ambassador for We Work, the world’s largest co-working space. You can find her picture in the welcome brochure and on the company website.



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