Growth Mindset

Key to Success? Growth Mindset

Everything is a gamble. Jump into the unknown and grow.

Yayoi Kusama

What is a Growth Mindset?

Carol Dweck, a professor at Stanford invented the concept after analyzing thousands of students to understand what makes one successful.

“For decades I have been studying why some people succeed, while people, who are equally talented, do not. And over the years discovered that people’s mindsets place a crucial role in progress.”

Carol Dweck. Stanford Psychology Professor


The belief that you are in control of your own abilities.
Skills are built.
A mindset that focuses on growth. Getting better and learning and growing. 


The belief that you are not in control of your abilities. 
Skills are born. 
A mindset that focuses on outcomes and performance. 

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Why is it Important?

More willing to start projects without any expectations of failure or success. You &/or your business will evolve to be something outside of your wildest dreams.

A growth mindset helps you to conquer your wildest dreams. Growth equals change. If you embrace a growth mindset you are constantly changing and will enable growth that you could not even imagine into your life.

There are 4 key steps to growth:

  1. Effort,
  2. Challenges,
  3. Mistakes,
  4. & Feedback

If you have a fixed mindset you will not get past step 1. You believe that you already have all the skills you need to succeed therefore, you will do not believe in effort. 2. Challenges will be faced with fear instead of embracing the challenge. 3. The blow to your ego when you make a mistake will hold you back and 4. you will be reluctant to valuable feedback that will help to shape your growth or your product.

“Evolve to the occasion and not the plan.”

Tiff Willson

A growth mindset preps your mind to:

  1. Be open and approach life with little resistance
  2. Take on failure – you to treat anything that comes your way as a growth opportunity instead of going down an emotional downward spiral of failure.

In conclusion, stay curious, stay open and be open to evolving into your largest growth trajectory in this life.

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